Cruise With A Cause has been busy in the off season working to create the best way to build future events. The first 3 years of success have been almost overwhelming – for that, we thank you.

With this success comes the challenge of making things bigger and better every year. One of the critical challenges that is a result of this success is paperwork. Through our research and planning we know we must restructure our organization to accommodate and fulfill the necessary paperwork for the birth of a larger fundraising organization. We are focused on ensuring we meet and exceed those requirements so that fundraising events can continue to be successful while abiding by the rules and regulations at this next level.

For the 2016 season, Cruise with a Cause will be hibernating. In this time, we look to restructure and reassess the most effective way we can influence and support positive change in our communities. Our team will be working to build a solid foundation upon which we will establish a stronger and more positive future.

Thank you for your support.